Last Will and Testament

While nobody likes to think about the possibility of death, the fact is, it is inevitable. The only question is . . . ”when”, and for the majority of us, that is an uncertainty. Accordingly, waiting until you are “ready” is not advisable when it comes to Estate Planning. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to ensure that your loved ones are subjected to as little hassle and frustration as possible, while also trying to deal with the grief of losing a loved one, is preparing a Last Will and Testament. While having a Last Will and Testament will not avoid probate, it will make the process simpler by dictating exactly what should be done with any Real Estate or Titled property and in many instances specific gifts of personal items. If you have young children, it will also enable you to state a preference as to whom their guardian will be and make certain that their inheritance is protected for when they get older. While Oklahoma does recognize “holographic” Wills (hand written) there are requirements that must be met or they will be disregarded in their entirety. Likewise, simply purchasing a “form” Will, will most likely not be adequate as Oklahoma Law requires certain formalities in the execution of a non-holographic Will. Make sure, however, that if you are going to hire an attorney to prepare a Last Will and Testament that it isn’t something they just do “on occasion” or “just for friends” as they may not be aware of all the potential pitfalls and requirements of a properly drafted and executed Will. If you have specific questions on how a Will can be of benefit to you and your family, please feel free to call or email us.